1993 Offsite Agreement

This plan would take years to implement for the army`s National Guard if one did not act quickly. Turbulence in our country is at an all-time high and the deployment of National Guard soldiers is frequent. National Guard commanders may benefit from the intervention of National Security Army civilian affairs advisers when dealing with government agencies. In addition, the lack of National Guard civil affairs capacity affects the Guard`s ability to hold S9/G9 positions, impacting the federal mission. This gap is mainly due to the lack of an organic structure of the civilian armed forces to support the development and growth needed to maintain these positions. The Army National Guard provides eight maneuver force divisions and two special forces groups developed under the 1993 offsite agreement. [iii] This decision placed combat units in the National Guard and left most of the combat support and support posts to the army reserve. Given that the Command of Human Resources (HRC) has modified the beneidéteurs it uses for unit categorization; Perhaps it is time to re-examine how we manage our civilian forces at all levels of the military. After asking hokanson for reserve units slipping into the Guard`s combat reserve mission, he said he believed the army chiefs were clear in distinguishing the two reserve elements of the 1993 offsite agreement. This agreement provided that the Guard was to be the primary combat reserve and that the military reserve was to provide support and combat service capabilities. [i] Raphael Semmes Duckworth, „The 1993 Offsite Agreement: Undermining Goldwater-Nichols and Special Forces Capabilities (Strategy Research Project), U.S. Army War College, 2007), 16-18.

[ii] Duckworth, „The 1993 Offsite Agreement,” 16[iii] Duckworth, „The 1993 Offsite Agreement,” 12. On the other hand, civil affairs train at human network analysis (HNA), but do not have a certification process to present themselves as experts. We do infrastructure assessments in the area of civil information, but we do not have expertise in that area. The deployment of civilian soldiers in a capacity of expertise to support global missions is essential to our existence. The priority of schools such as the Special Warfare Operational Design Course (SWODC) and the Special Warfare Network Development Course (SWNDC) as basic training for a civilian soldier should be indispensable to our existence. These schools would be crucial in supporting the 19th and 20th Special Forces within the National Guard. The combination of technical certifications by the Texas A+ M Engineering Extension Service, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers or the Department of Homeland Security will help understand the international construction rules that soldiers need to know for civil affairs in order to make our access relevant. When city councillors allocate budgets to each section within its government, department heads often propose a budget assessment for those sectors for the calendar year, which they need to run their department. . . .

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