Agreement Jual Beli

On the seller`s side, the letter of sale and purchase of land is intended to ensure that the land can be sold at a price above the market price. In addition, the letter is also useful to engage the buyer in various agreements and guarantee the buyer to pay for the country he bought at a predetermined price. When establishing a contract letter for the sale of land, there are several important points that must be included in the letter. Meanwhile, The Deed of Sale and Purchase of Land is a document from the Deed Official Country (PPAT), which is therefore contained in the authentic act. This document contains information on the transfer of land rights from the seller/owner of the land to the buyer. The production and format of sales and purchase-deed land was also regulated by the decree of the Director of the National Land Authority (Perkaban) number 8 of 2012. In principle, the function of the two documents is similar, namely proof of the emergence of a trade agreement, the regulator of rights and obligations between the buyer and the seller, in order to prevent disputes and to refer to the resolution of disputes that arise, and as an instrument of valid proof in the eyes of the law. This letter contains not only the details of the real estate negotiated, but also the agreements between the buyer and the seller of the land. In addition, the contract to purchase and sell real estate also includes sanctions regimes and dispute resolution. The last thing you have to respect when you agree with a letter of purchase and purchase is the fulfillment of the validity of the contract under section 1320 of the Civil Code, namely the agreement of the parties, the ability of the parties to enter into agreements, the existence of certain things, and there is an admissible reason. By complying with the 4 conditions above, this means that the letter of contract is valid and binding on the parties. The agreement must therefore be implemented by the parties and may be used in the future as evidence of any dispute or dispute between the parties. In addition, it is also important to determine the transfer of ownership rights over goods.

Article 612 of the BGB stipulates that the transfer of property rights to moving goods is done with a genuine delivery of the goods. In some cases, it may be agreed between the seller and the buyer on the date on which the object and the responsibility of the goods are transferred, if, at the time of the removal and delivery of the goods by the seller, or when the goods reach the buyer. One of them is a land purchase contract. In this case, act on behalf of the self-employed below as the first part (seller) So now you already know how important it is to buy a letter of the agreement and sell land. The legal strength of the letter of purchase and the purchase of land under the hands exists only if the seller and the buyer, both recognize the validity of the letter of sale of land and the contract of sale is very important to be prepared for you, who buy a market and sell land. In order for you to properly establish a letter of sale of land and sale, you will find here an example of a letter of sale and sale of land that you can use as a reference for manufacturing: if the goods were purchased, the goods may not be directly picked up by the buyer on site, but be sent from the seller`s place to the buyer`s place.

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