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Sometimes, to identify what a legal person is, it is more important to know when it is certainly not a separate legal person. The characteristics of a separate legal person are that it can: Companies, PLLs and other registered legal persons are incorporated when the Uk Registrar of Companies (acting as „Companies House”) says so here. The following forms are intended to help you communicate with the Commission services, which would invite you to provide your legal or bank details so that they can be registered in the Legal Entity File (LEF) and the Bank Account File (BAF). Another important thing to think about is how the members of the joint venture would deal with ownership of the JV unit as soon as the JV dissolved. Will the company fade in the same way if each participant takes control of their own brands or intellectual property that has been integrated into the company? Or can it be sold (or listed on the stock exchange) as a full-fledged company? If the JV develops and owns its own assets, such as intellectual property or even customer lists, you should decide in advance who will do them as soon as the parties follow their separate paths. They all pretty much start with the concept of separate legal persons. In this example, we use a company as a separate legal entity. It could be any other form of entity with a separate legal existence. A legal entity can obtain an LEI by self-registration. A company or its agent must be entitled to an LEI code.

If the legal person is entitled to an LEI code through its authorized representative, the representative must expressly grant the authorization before the legal person can register for the LEI code. The documents on which the company is founded, which establish the legal relationship between shareholders and directors, are called „Internal Constitution”. It regulates the legal relationship between the company, its directors and shareholders. The internal Constitution has no influence on the sustainability of the company as a separate legal person. The law takes a flexible approach to the recognition of separate legal persons. It is the same situation when a person changes their name by documentary survey. You are the same person. it does not alter the person`s legal relationships with other people.

The term „separate legal person” is a fundamental legal concept that underpins business law and legal liability. Two or more independent companies (i.e. separate legal entities) may wish to work together to launch a specific project. A legal person or a number of undertakings within a larger group may be grouped together for accounting purposes in any manner appropriate for undertakings, provided that it complies with the applicable regulatory requirements. It is this distinct legal personality that makes companies attractive vehicles for businesses….

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