Bhp Paris Agreement

Today`s update states that the fight against climate change is the right one and will strengthen our business in the long run. Our updated portfolio analysis shows that our business can continue to thrive over the next 30 years, as the international community takes decarbonisation steps, even within a 1.5°C price in line with the Paris Agreement. By helping the world reduce emissions, we are also protecting our operations for the long term. Unfortunately, we cannot subscribe to you. Please make sure you have entered a valid email address and try again. At BHP, we know how important it is to take action to support emissions reduction efforts throughout our value chain, as emissions from our customers` use of our products are significantly higher than those from our operated facilities. Our objective and strategy point in a clear direction for our climate change strategy. The materials we provide are essential for modern life and we continue to develop our approach so that we can continue to supply them in a sustainable way. Our iron ore and metallurgical coal produce the steel that builds cities and enables renewable energy infrastructure. our copper is needed for electrical appliances and wind turbines; our oil fuels mobility; our natural gas and coal energy provide energy and heat; and our nickel makes it possible to develop storage solutions for intermittent wind and solar energy….

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