Boeing Settlement Agreement

The agreement regulates two open cases and 11 other cases opened in recent years. Southwest said it continued to discuss further compensation related to MAX`s grounding with Boeing, adding that the details of the discussions and the transaction are confidential. Boeing declined to take an immediate position. WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Transportation`s Federal Aviation Administration today announced a comprehensive agreement with Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA) that resolves several ongoing and possible enforcement cases. „Many of the improvements listed in the agreement have already been implemented or are being implemented,” Boeing added. As part of the transaction agreement, Boeing committed to implementing a safety management plan across the company`s operations, improving its internal audit and vendor management processes, and „responding to increasingly stringent performance metrics in the quality and timeliness of its written submissions to the FAA.” Among other things, the manufacturer must make improvements to ensure that the subsets remain compliant with the type design of an aircraft. Workers with stamp licensing authority must undergo mandatory training every two years. In addition, Boeing must report to the FAA „at least annually” on the effectiveness of its regulatory compliance activities. American Airlines has reached an agreement with Boeing on losses caused by the grounding of the 737 Max. In a transaction statement, the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association said the agreement „does not far compensate for the losses” suffered by its pilots and other employees. The union, which filed a lawsuit against Boeing, which claims more than $100 million in lost wages from the grounding, said it would pursue legal action. Boeing spokesman Gordon Johndroe declined to comment.

Boeing did not allow liability in its 11 comparisons, Wisner said. The Federal Aviation Administration, according to the person, warned Boeing that the presumed quality control of flow leg failures and excessive management pressures on engineers who could certify safety systems could be in breach of a 2015 comparison with the handling of safety surveillance issues.

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