Essential Agreements For Students

Our teaching and learning team has an „essential agreement”, inspired by this clip: the following essential agreement was developed in consultation with the teachers, and includes the five values of the school considered most important by the entire school community in the following statement: at the beginning of each year, the community stirs in each classroom (students and teachers together) the agreements they consider essential that each will apply to the Community. good together. Most of these agreements focus on respect and safety, but children put them in their words. […] Time, but it is a delicate and important process in our attempt to understand each other. This blog, from the IB website, is a great resource for those who are interested in formulating essential agreements […] In a PYP school, each working group (teachers or students) begins to create an „essential agreement.” In the classroom, this means that it is not a teacher who imposes rules, but that everyone works together to find an agreement on how the class will work. Was looking for a way to think of students away from settle and what they can not do, great example and great student debate. Thank you for sharing! When I read your answer to my answer, I wonder if I misrepresented what I meant. I`m a girl scout, and in scouting, they say, „Leader Guides, Girl Decides.” This is not new to me. When I taught kindergarten students and children, my classes were always driven by demands. Jumping in elementary school wasn`t really a big jump for me. It can be like a jump in the feel of the pool, because you never know what you`re going to get.

But I am concerned about the speech I hear during the faculty sessions and around the water cooler. I lock myself up because I am part of this ability and I must always be vigilant not to fall into these traps… and I`m regularly Inquire Within and Just Wondering. They are great resources. Fantastic comment, thank you Kris! (Do you work with Vanessa?!) A big shift (and a challenge!) for the new survey professors is to let go and stop playing, „guess what`s in my head”.

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