Legal Agreement Tracker

Blockchain and Smart Contracts have not yet been accepted by the general public. However, over the next few years, this technology will have the potential to bring fully to market the way contracts are managed and executed. Smart contract enforcement cases include identity management, registrations, complex multi-party agreements, and transactions in mortgages, country securities, supply chain management (SCM), and auto insurance. The current contract management landscape and the products verified in this summary do not currently support blockchain infrastructure or Smart Contract functionality. Over the next few years, the entire legal industry – including contract management providers – will look at how smart contracts have changed the construction of a digital agreement. The files can all have different document formats, or even be deposited in several places, many of which are known only by those directly involved in the business relationship. Type of agreement: the legal form of a contract. Some examples of contract types can be: Master Services Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement, Purchasing Agreement, Amendment, Consulting Agreement, etc. Integrate with your existing legal systems and software to optimize implementation, increase productivity, and save time and resources. Title/name of the contract: a short title for the contract, which is used for quick and simple reference. For example, if your organization has a new framework contract, it can call it in the format „counterparty – type of agreement – date”. For example, „CobbleStone – MSA – 20170604”. .


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