Medtech Educational Grant Agreement

Effective January 1, 2018, AdvaMed, APACMed, Mecomed and MedTech Europe have introduced policy changes that put an end to direct sponsorship of health professionals and that companies will no longer select or influence the choice of certain hcp participants at third-party educational events; organize or pay directly for travel, accommodation and/or reimbursement of the costs of some hcp participants at third-party educational events. In response to these changes, the UAE`s annual congress has appointed its Italian PCO (oic) to manage the application process for scholarships for conference participants. This process is controlled by the ICO and governed by specific criteria defined by the UAE on the basis of MedTech Europe guidelines. Companies can offer scholarships and sponsorships to third-party conference organizers, health care institutions and/or professional organizations, so they can choose HCPs to participate in third-party training sessions. If a company wishes to grant grants to HCPs to attend the UAE`s annual conference, you should send an email to scholarships that will be made available to health organizations (HCOS) or professional convention organizers (PCOS) to participate in hcp participation in events organized by third parties. B.dem, such as the UAE`s annual conference, health organizations (HCOS) or professional convention organizers (PCOS). Swiss Medtech has prepared the Code of Ethical Business Practice in accordance with MedTech Europe`s Code of Ethical Business Practice, and all members are committed to complying with it. The aim of the Code of Ethics is to increase transparency and protect the integrity of all interactions between Swiss Medtech member companies and healthcare professionals and organisations. It ensures that decisions on medical treatment are made independently. Swiss Medtech encourages and assists its members in the implementation of the ethical code by providing enforcement tools and models.

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