Military Construction Cooperative Agreement

55 REQUIREMENTS FOR CLOSUREAll items were received and nothing is on occasion All services were executed All construction contracts were executed and the final payment to the contractor was made 31 STEPS FOR REIMBURSEMENTStep 1: the credits smd consumed Step 2: SMD sufficient for reimbursement Step 3: Federal Manager/Resource Advisor Program Must: Check documentation for accuracy The certify fees are valid and are authorized for payment Step 4: Transmit to ARNG (Pay/Exam)/ANG-FM for the reimbursement of State 18 ASSISTANT USPFOs named IAW NGR 130-6, Chapter 2, Para 2-3, in writing with the compliance of the TAG/Commander technically and militarily responsible to their commander or TAG (Title 32) There is a FIDUCIARY LIEN between the USPFO and USPFOs assistant for the legal and regulatory management of their programs 1 24 years later , federal program officials have high funding requirements for NGB (USPFO Coord) after approval – An amendment agreement is being prepared (GOR) at SMD and Federal Program 11 NATIONAL GUARD COOPERATIVE ACCORD PROGRAMTH CONCEPT OF NATIONAL GUARD COOPERATIVE ACCORD PROGRAM „STATE COUNTRY” „FEDERAL REIMBURSES” 1 MANAGEMENT CONTROLS AND AUDITS. 2 WHY? Significant dollar worth decentralization program Lacks new knowledge and emerging and mismanagement programs. 59 EQUIPMENT BOUGHT BY THE SMDPurchased BY the SMDPurchased by the SMD Under a CA Title bestand with the SMD SMD uses and manages equipment in accordance with state laws and state laws and procedures Equipment used in the program in which acquired 33 Process IdentifyIng Expense as Non-Reimbursable Or Reimbursable (From Appendix Or NGR 5-1 Chapters) Determin Percentage of Reimbursement FISP (Army O-M), Air Facilities 7115 Report Prepare Request For Reimbursement (SF 270) – Must be done by the Federal Program Manager Forward To USPFO / Gold Air Comptroller By AMSCO / Gold EEIC Copy ForwardED GOR 36 Reimbursement Flowchart State Military Department Vendor Contracts with Vendor Vendor Federal PM/RA reviews the application and certified application for arrival at Bundescomptroller Bundescomptroller ensures that funds are required, refund to cover refund processed by CAPS, as EFT payment DFAS processed efT Payment to State Military Department 21 FISCAL LAW CONCERNS (Three Elements) (Objective, Time, Amount)The basic analysis for the commitment of federal funds applies to cooperation agreements PURPOSE AND LEGAL AUTHORITY for COOPERATIVE AGREEMENTS 17 ASSISTANT USPFOs, which are designated by the USPFO in writing. Formation Army National Guard Real Property (Facility Management Officer) Air National Guard Fiscal (Base/Wing Comptroller) Property (Base/Wing Readiness Management Officer) Real Property (Base Civil Engineer) 28 Bonds of Cooperative AgreementsProgram Manager/Air Comptroller Sends requirement, CA GOR Reviews Request/Prepares CA or modify or modify or usPFO to set up and SIGNATURE OF TAG GOR Distribution , the army PM gives the reservation in AFCOS Federal Accounting ensures that the commitment in the accounting system SMD Resource Bishop provides data in State Accounting System 1 SILVER FLAG BPA ORDERING OFFICIAL TRAINING.

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