Opseu Health Care Professionals Collective Agreement

15.06 A worker who feels harassed may benefit from the collective agreement claim procedure. 9.11 All agreements reached in the appeal procedure between representatives of the Centre, representatives of the Union and mourners are final and binding on the parties. Any agreement between the Centre and the Union to review the above implementation method prevails over the terms of this agreement. These committees identify potential and existing hazards and hazards; recommendations to improve health and safety programs and measures to improve health and safety conditions. If, for some reason, a partner decides to leave the job-sharing agreement, the remaining partner will have the opportunity to take the full-time position. If the remaining partner does not wish this opportunity, the position is reserved and published as a job allocation agency. If the job-sharing position is successfully filled, the remaining partner has the last chance to fill the position full-time. If the remaining partner still does not wish for this opportunity, the position will be reserved full-time and the historical partner will be subject to the provisions of this agreement. As of the date of ratification of this agreement, the regular part-time classification (TPP) is extinguished and all existing companies will be grandparents with the following rates, wages and benefits of the company: otherwise, you can contact your staff representative or the nearest regional office to obtain a copy of your collective agreement. Here is a list of all the regional offices. Students who are covered by this section are not entitled to the terms of this agreement, with the exception of those prescribed by law.

Leave can be taken between January 1 and December 31 at any time of the year. The vacation application plan is booked until February 1 and completed on March 1 of each year. The final holiday program is booked each year until April 1 and once booked; Changes can only be made with the agreement of the centres. Job sharing can take place if there is an agreement between workers who wish to participate in the job, the Union and the employer. The employer or employees may terminate the employment-sharing agreement with a period of ninety (90) days. Once this notification is received, a meeting will be held between the parties to discuss it. 30.02 Before making changes to the enterprise policy affecting the workers covered by this agreement, the Centre will discuss the changes with the Union and provide copies to the Union. The cost of the ophthalmological examination is borne by the employer up to $50.00 and the display screen operator authorizes the publication of a copy of the examination report to the employer to include it in the workers` health record. The parties to this agreement intend to encourage the resolution of complaints as quickly as possible and, where possible, without recourse to arbitration. For these reasons, the parties use the mediation and arbitration process, where possible, as required by the Labour Relations Act. Regardless of the above, each party may find that it is better to go directly to arbitration.

This part informs the other part in writing. 5.1 Leave pay is calculated on the basis of the regular hourly rate of workers who, for a normal or normal extended day of work pursuant to Article 2 of the collective agreement, is the number of hours of entry and salary set in section 19 (paid public holidays) of the collective agreement.

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