Sample Lease Agreement Renewal Letter

Therefore, the landlord expects the tenant to evacuate the property until the date set by the existing agreement. In addition, the landlord has the opportunity to show the property to potential tenants. It must also look into the procedures relating to the return of the tenant`s deposit. A landlord might want the tenant to renew the lease because he or she always paid the rent on time, kept the property in good condition, and was generally a good tenant. Landlord and tenant laws vary from state to state. But in most states, the lessor is required to comply with all the conditions indicated in the lease, which is coming to an end. In addition, most states require the landlord to address the tenant in advance in post-account rental situations before they can increase their rents. I ask you to extend my contract for the next 2 years (plus/less), as I am in this place and I feel comfortable and safe here. I have always been a good tenant and I have never complained to you. I expect you to be satisfied with me. I will be grateful.

Thank you The tenant must respond within the time indicated in the letter. Depending on the circumstances, the tenant may decide to submit a counter-offer to the landlord. If so, it may be preferable to arrange a meeting with the tenant to agree and conclude an oral agreement. The document under preparation must be submitted on an official date to allow both parties to follow their new agreement. The two places available in the article „I. The parties „wait for the month and calendar day, and then the double-digit year in which this paperwork is in effect, which is produced for display on both sides of the number `20`. The main reason why a lessor would issue a lease renewal letter is to inform the tenant that the lease expires and that they wish to propose a new lease.. . . .

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