Slot Agreement Definition

As a general rule, a vessel-sharing agreement is concluded between different container shipping companies that agree to operate a regular service on a given line with a number of vessels. Could this be more information on this topic: 1. VSA is it equal to Slot Charter? 2. How do financial agreements between different companies operating under an ASV work? 3. How do you manage a situation if one of the operators does not have reservations equal to their share of the slot machine or has more reservations compared to their share of slot machine? vsa and Slot Charter . who organizes it, Liner`s headquarters or sheath agent all over the world? VSA is not the same as Charter slot. Slot Charter is when a shipping company buys a number of slots from a carrier. VSA is when the operators of a consortium share their slots as a percentage of each company`s capacity. If one of the consortium members wants more than his contribution, then he can go for the purchase of additional slot machine. The amount of space each partner receives may vary from port to port and may depend on the number of vessels operated or placed by the various partners under the agreement.

A ship-sharing agreement is somewhat different from that of an alliance, in that a vessel-sharing agreement is generally devoted to a particular trade route, the conditions being specific to that route, whereas an alliance is of a more global nature and could include many different trade routes that are normally on the same terms. The equivalent of the reservation and the transport contract, which concluded the agreement on the transport of goods. Royalty for goods that, under a firm agreement, are kept in storage facilities for a specified period of time and are not included in other schemes. Click here for more information. A document generally written by the foreign exporter or its forwarder and used and required by U.S. Customs to determine the value of the lot. Control of the merchandise to determine the extent and cause of the damage. A shipping document that accompanies the container on its journey to the port of departure and gives carriers, receiving authorities and carriers details of the contents of a shipment. Short for „Safety, Security and Environment.” Specific temperature to store a refrigerated container.

Ideally, the reference value and actual temperature should be the same throughout the trip. Click here for more information. Content of containers loaded (filled), stored (packaged and stretched), weighed and/or counted by and for the sender. It is not necessary for each partner to have the same number of vessels. The space available for loading and unloading at each port of call is shared by the partners. The date inserted in the invoice of the car letter to justify the goods received on board is considered a shipping date for documentary credit purposes. Hello Dang, in a VSA, you usually do NOT receive two vsls on the same service that calls the same port at the same time. However, in some cases, this is possible due to the absence of ships and delays in a given port.

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