Sole Trader Service Agreement

If you decide to work as an individual entrepreneur, some of the first things you need to do are choosing a business name (or just trading under your own name), registering for self-assessment (and VAT if your income is likely to be significant), and closing relevant business insurance. You should then think about whether you need legal documents to protect your interests or facilitate business transactions. If you primarily perform consulting services, you may need a consulting contract. If you`re trying to reduce office space costs, an office sharing agreement can be valuable. Finally, consider protecting all economically sensitive information with a confidentiality agreement. Becoming an individual entrepreneur requires minimal steps. You can either negotiate with your own name or choose a trade/commercial name. You don`t have to register this name, but you should make sure it`s not already in use, especially by another company in the same industry. These forms of contract are designed to be used if the subcontractor is to be an individual, but we have also provided in the subcontractors associated subcontractors agreement sub-file forms that are intended for use if the subcontractor is to be a company.

If you wish to benefit from services through a limited liability company, you need our separate standard contract for services provided to a consulting firm. . . .

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