Tbs Collective Agreement Eg

Subject to clause 61.04, a part-time employee, if he meets the conditions for obtaining a day of rest, a declaration pension in accordance with subsection 30.01 (a) of this collective agreement and who is entitled to minimum remuneration instead of remuneration for the time actually worked, shall be entitled to a minimum payment of four (4) hours at the direct rate of pay. The work includes the implementation of briefings, health advice for internal clients, senior management; adapt terminology to specific target groups and make presentations to management committees, colleagues and clients or interest groups on regulatory or policy issues and strategic direction; make policy recommendations; and coordinating health policy development requirements. In addition, the work identifies and resolves problems related to the negotiation of claims, contracts and self-government arrangements in the geographical area and detects problems and effects by analysing each table on its own merits and assessing appropriate measures to be taken within the existing policy or legal framework. Conducts a thorough review of legislation, regulations and jurisprudence and guidelines within strict time frames and makes decisions on the complexity of necessary changes to directives and procedures, while working on other claims or issues of priority to the institution. Decisions and recommendations address unexpected external restrictions and interventions by other government departments and stakeholders that have the potential to change the negotiating environment and context.

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