What Agreement Did God Make With The Israelites

In the sixth chapter, God asked Israel what he had done, which had led to their wickedness. „Testify against me,” said the Lord. He had always been good to them, but what we find in their answer is that they apparently did not take seriously their need for forgiveness. God`s covenant with Israel, also known as the mosaic covenant, is based on God`s promises to Abraham. God`s covenant with Abraham laid the foundation for the birth of a nation known as Israel. The reference to Abraham appears several times in the account of the Exodus (z.B. Exodus 3:15-17; 6:3-4, 8). In addition, the additional commandments (gen 9.4-6) emphasize in particular the value of human life, which emphasizes the main reasons of the covenant: to preserve life on earth without further divine interruption. It is at least implicitly from the extent of this covenant that God`s redemptive goal will eventually encompass all creation. This overall focus in gene 1-11 is not lost in the following chapters of Genesis and beyond, despite its resensing concentration. „This is the blood of the covenant that the Lord made with you, in all these words” (Exodus 24:8). 3.

The people of Israel must honor marriage by having no sexual relationship with another man`s wife (Exodus 20:14). But God made Sarah fall pregnant with Isaac. Israel was the beneficiary of God`s favor, and there were now a few things he expected from them. It was not a question of imposing obligations on Israel, but there were duties that the Lord demanded. God loved Israel and these things were for their own good. You may have had the same thoughts. How can a people, rightly, take care of the humane treatment of animals and treat themselves in such an inhumane way? Why do some people treat others as disposable? Where is God and why did he do these things? With Abraham, several promised lands were given to his countless descendants (15:18-21; 17:1-9, 19; 22,15-18; 26,2-4, 24; 28; 35.9-13; Gal 3; Abr 2:6-11), with special „gathering and leadership functions” attributed to the descendants of Joseph and his son Ephraim (Gen 48 and 50; 33:17; 1 Chron 5:1-2; Psalm 80:2; Isaiah 11:13; Jer 31:6, 9; Ezek 37:15-19; Zech 10:6-12) and circumcision, which she noted as a strange people (Gen 17, 10-13). In summary are therefore five divine promises of the mosaic covenant that confirm the covenant with Abraham, the ceremony of ratification of the covenant is found in Exodus 24:1-8. Time and space do not allow me to discuss in detail the ceremony of the covenant. When the people were ready to make an alliance with God, Israel came before the Lord, at the foot of the mountain. The solemnity was marked by a feeling of fear, since the people were in the presence of a holy God.

It was a time of wonder and adoration. God`s remedy for his condition was simple. „Look for me, and you will live,” god said. If you seek God and you live, you will never be taken seriously by everyone. So many people said they wanted the day of the Lord, without thinking about what they claimed to want. Jeremiah is very clear about the beneficiaries of a new covenant, on who is the subject of a new covenant: the house of Israel, the house of Judah, the one that was taken out of Egypt. If we do not interpret this prophecy in a totally allegorical way (and therefore we will have to interpret all prophecies in the same way), we will never be able to affirm that the new covenant with the Church will be.

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